2008 marked the inaugural Corbriwoodstock celebration of music, art, summer, and friendship. While the intent was to keep the event low-key and small in its second year, the word leaked in 2009 and 2010. The leak became a flood(literally, and true to Woodstock form, in 2011). And before anybody knew it, it was larger than anybody could have imagined. People came from miles in search of truth and great music. They came across state lines. Designated camping areas for a couple of hundred invited guests now had to accommodate thousands.

Water buffaloes were set up by Gibsonia and West Deer municipalities to keep guests hydrated. Others skinny-dipped in the pond.

Emergency food supplies were air lifted in.Parking facilities were saturated and visitors were forcedto abandon their vehicles wherever they could find enough room.

Rt. 910 was closed for the weekend. People came to find themselves. They came to lose the smog of the city.

They found that they were billion year-old carbon, and they had found the garden. When it was all over, most vowed to return. They were the beautiful, cool people. Others vowed to never return. Screw them if they can’t handle it!

The rest of us will be kicking back with a favorite beverage in our hand, listening to great music. Enjoying a summer Sunday afternoon with friends. Come early and avoid the traffic gridlock! Peace!